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About Us


Our core business is to provide expertise focused on improving health outcomes for infants, children and their families. Conectus is uniquely placed within The University of Auckland to provide both clinical and academic expertise in the areas of child health: ensuring that all work is evidence-based and linked to best international practice.

Conectus’ goals are to:

  • Take a proactive role in creating, supporting and sustaining healthier pregnancy, infancy and childhood
  • Strengthen advocacy for improved child health policies
  • Build and utilise capacity to answer important maternal and child health questions and challenges
  • Lead more comprehensive and holistic approaches to child and whānau health
  • Gain greater leverage for research funding, trends analyses and service evaluation
  • Strengthen kaupapa Māori and Pacific approaches to antenatal and  child health
  • Be recognised as leaders in infant, child and family health
  • Collaborate experience and expertise to develop ‘models’ of best practice across Conectus